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ONLYYACHT continues its growth!

ONLYYACHT continues its growth! The brand has become an independant Société Anonyme Monégasque with its own structure within the J.V Pastor Group. Its recent registration was published in the [...]

Palm Beach Boat Show 2019

ONLYYACHT, proud sponsors of the YATCO member appreciation party at the Palm Beach Boat Show 2019 ! For more information, please contact

Yacht Insurance

At ONLYYACHT we specialise in yachting and crew insurance, providing peace of mind for all aspects in yachting.
Our expert team, with their 10 years’ experience in the maritime industry, have their headquarters at the Monaco Yacht Club on the port of Monaco- the heart of the yachting world. Our satellites offices are located in Antibes, Fort Lauderdale, London, Rotterdam and Viareggio. The team, who currently insure over 350 yachts across the globe, offer the latest advice to owners and yachting companies. From insurance for the yacht and personal effects, to the crew covered for by a health and infirmity policy, every aspect of insurance for your vessel is taken care of- ensuring that everything is just as it should be -plain sailing.
A dedicated account manager will look after your every need; from day one. Our team at ONLYYACHT pride themselves in leading the way in yacht insurance, working with the latest technology and people in the industry to ensure that you and your yacht are in good hands.
Join ONLYYACHT and set sail with ease.

To be able to make the most of your yacht and to navigate with complete peace of mind and in total serenity, it is essential to provide you with an insurance that will cover all your needs.  The experts offer tailor-made solutions to ensure the safety of your yacht and its operations. Among all the insurance options offered, it is often difficult to find your bearings, especially if you are looking for a product as specific as the luxury yacht warranty. Each vessel is unique, so we must find a product adapted to the needs of each customer.  You have the possibility to choose the all-risks yacht insurance which protects you in case of total, or part, loss or damage. The vessel, all its accessories and equipment as well as the tenders are covered by the insurance, in particular during wintering, for maintenance, maneuvers or repairs, whether the ship is in navigation, in port, on land or at anchor.  It is difficult to quantify the insurance of a yacht as it it depends on the value of the yacht, something that is very important. The vessel often navigates in the middle of the ocean, and the risks are therefore much greater.  The insurance broker for individuals and for professionals offers you tailor-made yacht insurance for the best protection and offer you the best guarantees for your yacht.

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