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Experience the grandeur of the Monaco Yacht Show, where the world of luxury yachting comes alive, and join us, in celebrating maritime excellence and innovation.

The yachting world eagerly anticipates the return of the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS), an annual international event dedicated to the realm of luxury yachting. Established in 1991, this prestigious event unfolds over four days at the end of September, nestled within the confines of Monaco’s Port Hercule.

The MYS is divided into two primary exhibition spaces: on water and on the quays. On water, visitors can marvel at 118 superyachts and around 50 luxury tenders, showcased by the most esteemed naval constructors and maritime brokers in the industry. On the quays, 530 meticulously selected companies, representing the pinnacle of innovation and excellence in yachting, display their offerings. This includes renowned designers, naval architects, equipment suppliers, yacht service providers, and manufacturers of tenders and nautical gadgets.

In recent years, the show has expanded its exhibition to encompass ultra-luxury markets intrinsically linked to the superyachting lifestyle. This includes luxury products, cars, motorcycles, helicopters, and private jet manufacturers.

The MYS is globally acclaimed for the exceptional quality and impressive size of its superyachts. Among the hundred units displayed, around forty new models are unveiled in a world premiere each year. The fleet boasts an average length of 50m, with mega yachts exceeding 100m.

Today, the show stands as an iconic event, attracting private visitors eager to explore a remarkable concentration of superyachts available for purchase or charter. It’s an opportunity to engage with market experts amidst the festive and glamorous ambiance of the Principality of Monaco.

Under the High Patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco, the Monaco Yacht Show promises to be an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

We invite all yachting enthusiasts and professionals to join us in celebrating the very best of the maritime world. Whether you’re looking to purchase, charter, or simply immerse yourself in the world of luxury yachting, the Monaco Yacht Show is the place to be.

OnlyYacht: A Proud Sponsor of the Monaco Yacht Show

OnlyYacht is immensely proud to be associated with the Monaco Yacht Show as a sponsor. Our commitment to excellence in the yachting industry aligns seamlessly with the ethos of this prestigious event. As advocates for luxury yachting and the maritime world, our sponsorship is a testament to our dedication and passion for the industry. We believe in celebrating the best, and the Monaco Yacht Show is the epitome of maritime grandeur. Join us as we come together to honor the innovations, craftsmanship, and the future of luxury yachting.


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