Medical Service Insurance

Actions in case of medical claim


  1. Contact your Medical Service provider, use the number of Medical Cards, issued by OnlyYacht and provide all necessary information.
  2. In case of critical state or injury – call the local emergency numbers and inform your Medical Service Provider when the crew member is in custody of the local medical practitioners.
  3. Inform OnlyYacht –
  4. Follow Guidance from Medical Service Provider / OnlyYacht.

Please note that all medical documentation related to the claim must be conserved and provided to Medical Service provider and/or Onlyyacht.

In case Medical Service Provider was alerted the direct payments to Medical facilities can be arranged. However, time permitting we welcome you to contact OnlyYacht / Medical Service Provider as soon as possible, in order to allow more time to deal with formalities.


  1. Inform OnlyYacht or Medical Service Provider about the Loss.
  2. If possible – pay the medical attendance and provide invoices for reimbursement. If such payment is not possible/practical – OnlyYacht/Medical Service provider can arrange the direct payment to the Doctor. If pre-payment is required – OnlyYacht / Medical Service provider must be contacted prior to initial consultation.
  3. Conserve all Claims related documentation and provide it to OnlyYacht / Medical Service provider. Follow instructions of Doctors, Medical Service provider / Onlyyacht.


Please notify any symptoms as soon as possible to your Insurers in order to avoid late notification or pre-condition exclusion

Failure to comply with doctor’s prescription is likely to result in Insurance Company refusing to pay further treatment, particularly if problem deteriorated due to failure to follow such treatment.

In case of Doubt please contact OnlyYacht.

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