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ONLYYACHT sources the most attractive products in a highly competitive market, tailoring our contracts to the client’s specific needs. We deliver tailor made insurance solutions with ‘A’ rated Lloyds security.


Superyachts insured


“active” crew members covered


of assets protected

Superyacht loss or damage

Cover against all risks of physical loss to the yacht, including hull, machinery, equipment, furniture, fittings, tender, toys, fine art and all personal effects of owners, guests and crew are covered.

Liability protection

All risks including damage caused by accident, crew negligence, latent defect, improper construction, faulty design, mechanical breakdown.
The protection extends to any managers, operators, officers and crew in charge of the superyacht.
Mainly but not limited to collision, pollution, employer’s liabilities, including water sports and overboard liabilities.

Crew and guest welfare

Medical cover for crew members in case of injury or illness. Life insurance, permanent or temporary disability worldwide whether on board, ashore on duty or on leave.
Guests can also benefit from a medical expense coverage on board and during excursions ashore.

Claim consultancy and services

Our in-house team of average adjusters will act swiftly to obtain a fair and prompt settlement for any claim.

Builder risks by ONLYYARD

Cover shipyards/owners against risk of physical damage to the superyacht under construction.
Product liability, performance bonds and post-delivery guarantees can also be considered.

Mortgagee interests

Cover bank/financial institution for outstanding loans and interest, if the claim itself is collectible under the hull or P&I policy, but not paid – due to breach of cover, breach of warranty or owner’s non-disclosure of facts.

Helicopter/Aviation by ONLYJET

Cover damage to hull, liability to third parties, bodily injury to crew and passengers.

Yachting intermediary professional indemnity

Cover for claims brought against Marine Intermediaries for losses suffered by their customers as a result of negligence or error and omission. Designed to cover yacht broker, managers, agents, architects, surveyors, consultants.


ONLYYACHT’s crew insurance provides MLC compliant medical and personal accident coverage to suit the requirements of today’s superyacht owners, their crew and their guests, utilising “A” rated Lloyd’s Security and unrivalled attention to detail. Coverage includes:

    • Medical expenses following both an accident or illness.
    • Capital sum or multiple of salary death benefits.
    • Permanent and temporary total disability benefits.
    • Global repatriation supported by “tried and tested” specialist assistance companies.
    • 24-hour assistance/whether on duty or shore leave.
    • Daily benefits in case of accident or illness.
    • Personal luggage and passport allowances.
    • Salary protection.
    • Routine medical, dental and optical expenses.
    • Marine retirement plans.
    • Maternity costs.
  • Hospice and palliative care.
  • Sports activities cover such as water sports, skiing, motorcycling etc.
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